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since 1986...


The Brand ZENA, with Its exquisite presentation and intrinsic qualities, was able to place itself as a high-quality product. Zena was able to reach many business sectors across the local market (Hotels, Restaurants, Suppliers, Super Market Chains) as well as on the international market (Europe, USA,
Canada, Gulf Countries, and Japan) with the help of its natural authentic products, produced from 100% natural ingredients. Zena was the first company in Senegal to export to the US under the agreement of AGOA and was the first Senegalese member in the US chamber of commerce.

Supporter of a socially responsible activity, the company supports the hiring of female members in
the team, our female members constitute nearly 90% of our workforce. Zena as well supports
multiple NGOs that are destined to helping children get access to better teaching in the less
developed areas of Senegal.

Due to the hard work and dedication behind ZENA EXOTIC FRUITS, the company had a very fruitful
2014, the company won the national Quality Oscar of Senegal as well as a quality Oscar in Europe
with Global Trade Leaders.

ZENA created a diversified workplace, hiring as well people with special needs (Deaf and mute),
creating a chance for those people to be part of a community and to support their families. To ensure
a safe work environment a special uniform was created for the team members with special needs
and the whole team has been trained on how to talk in sign language to ensure a full integration into
the team.

Choice of fruits

Our fruits are mainly the product of Senegal, our aim and goal are to give a bigger value to those local products. Our fruits are picked with utmost care and ensuring the highest quality standards from the side of our partners, the farmers.

Our fruits have been chosen to offer to the world a new taste, and innovative product, and an image of Africa as never seen before!

product range

We Offer a wide range of products like Juices, Jams, Jellies, Spicy Sauces, Sirops and so on…. With more than 14 Fruits and vegetables, we present a rainbow of tastes and flavors ensure your satisfaction.

our responsibility 

“Our Responsibility does not end with the simple mission of transforming fruits, our mission goes
above and beyond to ensure that our day to day work has a financial and social impact, on our
community, the people in our teams, and the society as all.”


– Randa et zouheir filfili

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